Howto install openCHORD into PostgreSQL

If you wish to use all the capabilities of a RDBMS and openCHORD extensions, you can install an openCHORD RDBMS on your own linux server. This howto will help explain how to do this. There are several ways to do this.

For windows users, you can:

For linux or mac users who wish to install into an existing server, you will need:

If you already have these installed and running properly on your server, you are ready to add the openCHORD extensions. To do that, download openchord.tgz and unpack it into any directory of your choice. In a shell in that directory, type the following commands:

In order to build the optional NCI schema with tables of structures and properties, download the data file from NCI and put it into the same folder where you put openCHORD. Then type the following command:

This will take over an hour to build the entire set of tables and compute fingerprints for each structure.