makefp Installation

To install makefp, first download makefp.gz. Then do the following:

The final step is optional. You may locate the executable makefp anywhere you wish.

In order to use makefp, you must have installed OEChem and have a valid OEChem license. Contact if you are having trouble with that. In order to run makefp, you must have the environment variable OE_LICENSE set properly. You should also have the environment variable OE_DIR set properly.

To facilitate testing makefp, you do not need a license from gNova to run it. However, you will be limited to processing only 5 compounds. For unlimited usage, please contact to obtain a license.

Once you have a gnova license, you will put it into a file, say in /usr/local/gnova/license.txt and set the environment variable GNOVA_LICENSE, for example as follows:

Then makefp will be fully functional with no limitations on the number of compounds it can process.